Profit and Loss Magazine Special Report 3Q 2018 – Spring Time for Hedge Funds?: Hedge funds have been much maligned post-financial crisis due to a perceived lack of performance. Is this criticism fair? And what is the prognosis for currency funds in particular? Galen Stops, editor at Profit and Loss Magazine, takes a look.

Featuring (in order of appearance) Cliff Asness, founder and CIO of AQR; Ian Rayner, founder of Rayner Gobran LLC; Howard Jones, veteran FX Trader at Event Risk FX; Bill Lipschutz, founder of Hathersage Capital Management; and David Campbell, CEO of Hunter Burton Capital.

The article is part of P&L’s 3Q Special Report: “Under the Spotlight”. It’s full of insightful FX-oriented analysis, including a great interview with William Lipschutz, a couple of interesting articles on CTAs, and opposing views on trend following. Great stuff!

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